Some how, some way, I’ve found my way back to blogging. I find the more I feel I have an audience for my creations, the more likely I am to create. It’s way more fun when I get to create and then share.

Couple this with my desire to give my Instagram Story content a more permanent home and you’ve got multiple reasons to blog again.

So HERE is my new creative space.

The above photos are of my recently decorated new Apartment.

It looks like my artwork is finally getting a place to call HOME.

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt one of my favorite days of the year. Perhaps because it also happens to be my birthday.

This 21st birthday I found myself showered with a week of love and Valentine’s joy – from card making and an a ccapella group serenade to dinner and a Valentine-themed formal. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the week:

A pink sparkly manicure and my new heart ring gifted from my sister

A pink sparkly manicure and my new heart ring gifted from my sister

Resident-induced joy at midnight on the 14th

Resident-induced joy at midnight on the 14th

Table preparations for Valentine-themed dinner

Table preparations for our dorm’s Valentine-themed dinner

I’m so thankful for all the love I have in my life.
Valentines Day Card

Because even when I’m sitting and talking, I can usually find a way to turn my nervous energy into something pretty.

Magazine flower

A magazine folded into a long-stemmed flower

idle hands 2 starbucks rose

A Starbucks coffee cup flower on the streets of San Francisco

idle hands 1 coffee stirrer rose

A coffee stirrer turned rose at our university’s late night cafe

Whenever I wander around – whether I’m shopping or just out, I take photos of the cute things that catch my eye. “The Little Things” is a series of postings with these pictures of little things: miniature things, little kids things and the little things in life. Enjoy! -Casey K

little things 3 clothes little things 2 clothes zoom in[baby bear clothing at Build-A-Bear Workshop]

little things 1 calendar[cute characters I hadn’t seen since childhood at Go Calendars]

little things 0 snowmen [snowmen cookies at Starbucks]

little things 4 coloring [getting back to my childish side at Buca di Beppo]

titleThis craft project started after my mom texted me the following photo to inform me that friendship bracelets were “coming back in:”

magazineI decided (as an active camp counselor at Camp Kesem) to give it a try creating them myself.

I started with four regular friendship bracelets and a table full of old or broken jewelry:

starting bracelets

starting supplies

I began by selecting bracelets and jewels to attach to each one and used a needle and thread to connect the pieces together.
Starting sewing finalThe finished product came out very pretty (and are far more affordable than the one’s at Bendel’s)!
Final bracelets doubleFinal bracelet single wristby casey kwearing bracelets