A nice thing about being a freshman resident assistant is that there’s always someone there to eat my homemade snacks. I made these reindeer cookies with ingredients from Trader Joe’s:ingredients final

The eyes are dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, the Rudolph nose is a sliced piece of strawberry licorice and I attached everything with cool whip frozen frosting (for a better taste).

single cookie

A similar recipe can be found here.


-Casey K

Like my earlier post about hamburger cookies, I have a thing for mini foods and sweets. These mini donuts were another family favorite growing up because they’re easy to make and fun for kids to decorate. I used a basic donut recipe (found here) and piped the dough into a tray with small rings.

The finished product:

The exciting part is creating the variety of decorations. Shake made donuts in a bag full of cinnamon and sugar, dip the tops in chocolate icing, roll in powdered sugar, ETC.



-Casey K

Miniature foods are always more adorable than regular-sized bites. What makes them even better? When mini foods are made to look like other delicious foods!

These “hamburger cookies” are made from Nilla Wafers and Keebler’s Fudge Mint Grasshoppers (though Girl Scout Thin Mints also suffice).┬áThe recipe can be found here.

For an added dose of adorable, dip the tops in vegetable oil and sprinkle on sesame seeds, etc.


-Casey K