Tis the season for Stanford football, which means tis the season for the November 23rd legendary football game against Cal. To get myself in the rivalry spirit, I did the following nail art. #gostanfordBig Game Nail Art colorImage 1Image 2Image 4

From January 22nd – 29th, Diet Coke teamed up with the American Heart Association to sponsor a photo contest on Twitter called #showyourheart. While I didn’t win the trip to New York fashion week, I’m happy to show off my submissions and obviously, my heart.
A post-it note heart on a black piano bench:
Casey Khademi Show Your Heart

An eye acting as a convex mirror to reflect a heart in a window:Heart in eyeMy nail art:show your heart nail art

final submission<3, Casey K

For Stanford students and fans, this January 1st marks more than the first day of a new year. It’s the day Stanford football will be playing the University of Wisconsin at the Rose Bowl. So despite a holiday being on the horizon, this seemed like hands down (pun intended) the way for me to celebrate:photo imagerose bowl nail art signature