Though this winter weather has prevented me from wearing about half my closet, I like that I can still draw the clothes I would be wearing if the sun came out. Here are a couple slightly-Modcloth-inspired warm weather looks:Orange Dress Red Blue suitby Casey K

I fell in love with Tarina Tarantino’s handmade jewelry – specifically, her Hello Kitty collaborations (available for purchase here.) I thought, however, it wouldn’t be too complicated to make my own Hello Kitty jewelry.

Tarina Tarantino hello kitty collage

I started with a Hello Kitty coloring book I found at Walgreens for 99 cents that included Hello Kitty stickers:

starting suppliesI added a circular one to an old metal pendant, and then superglued on a bracelet for sparkle:

making necklace The more complicated piece was the earrings. I used the DIY charm supplies from a Klutz kit for the pendants, added a sticker and jewels, and then attached beads and studs with a headpin.

close to finished  final wearing with bothnecklace finalFinished earrings   And here were the final designs:final necklace modelingfinal wearing 2 copy  

titleThis craft project started after my mom texted me the following photo to inform me that friendship bracelets were “coming back in:”

magazineI decided (as an active camp counselor at Camp Kesem) to give it a try creating them myself.

I started with four regular friendship bracelets and a table full of old or broken jewelry:

starting bracelets

starting supplies

I began by selecting bracelets and jewels to attach to each one and used a needle and thread to connect the pieces together.
Starting sewing finalThe finished product came out very pretty (and are far more affordable than the one’s at Bendel’s)!
Final bracelets doubleFinal bracelet single wristby casey kwearing bracelets

mouse intro final

When I have extra time on my hands, I love to get crafty – especially when the finished product is something I can wear. I started these shoes with an old pair that was in my mom’s closet.

starting shoes final
Cut the leather strap in half to remove the metal chain…

cutting leather final

Then added, googly eyes, a button nose and metal wire for the whiskers. (And re-bent the leather straps to create some ears).

Final Shoes collage

And voila!

wearing shoes final

How cute?

by Casey K final