Friendship Bracelets – DIY

titleThis craft project started after my mom texted me the following photo to inform me that friendship bracelets were “coming back in:”

magazineI decided (as an active camp counselor at Camp Kesem) to give it a try creating them myself.

I started with four regular friendship bracelets and a table full of old or broken jewelry:

starting bracelets

starting supplies

I began by selecting bracelets and jewels to attach to each one and used a needle and thread to connect the pieces together.
Starting sewing finalThe finished product came out very pretty (and are far more affordable than the one’s at Bendel’s)!
Final bracelets doubleFinal bracelet single wristby casey kwearing bracelets

  1. Jessica said:

    OMG, those are amazing! love love! I remember making those knotted ones with embroidery thread as a kid:) nicely done!

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